Takeaways from the Meeting on Covid-19 with Gisagara District

Today, April 9th 2021, at Gisagara District Headquarter, a meeting was convened purposely to discuss and deliberate on enforcement of Covid-19 precautionary measures in 3 Sectors [Mamba, Gikondo & Kansi ] under the lockdown including Hakan Peat Power Plant Project.


The meeting was attended by: Members of Provincial Restrict Security Committee; Members of COVID-19 Command Post at District Level; Team RBC; Representatives of Hakan Peat Power Plant Projects and Executive Secretary of Mamba Sector



After deep discussion and deliberations, the following resolutions were taken:


1. The District will work with RBC and management of Hakan Peat Power Plant Project to avail a list of essential staff making 50% who will remain working during the lockdown of 3 weeks;


2. RBC to consider the request of Hakan Management of vaccinating their staff in the next phase where possible;


3. The participants of the meeting have committed to improve the relationship between the management of Hakan Peat Power Plant Project and the citizens surrounding the project in collaboration with the District including management of isolated cases for the people who need to travel outside the lockdown Sector or Hakan;


4. The local leadership have to own the dangers of COVID-19 and comply with measures to contain it.


5. Gisagara District to issue detailed guidelines for Hakan Peat Power Plant in reference to the issued lockdown notice eg how sport will be done; hours of movements among others.